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Puppy & Kitten Care

There is nothing more exciting than bringing a new puppy or kitten into your home. They add energy and fun and are a source of unceasing affection as they bond with you and your family. In fact, shelters in and around Millwood and Chappaqua, New York, as well as throughout the Hudson River Valley have many wonderful adoptable pets.

However, they also require a little extra attention to ensure they get a good, healthy start at life. This means that comprehensive physical exams at key developmental stages are important as well as time- and veterinarian-tested advice on housebreaking and training.

During your puppy or kitten’s first year Millwood Animal Hospital recommends an initial veterinary health/wellness exam, screening for damaging parasitic infections such as worms or giardia, an initial dental exam, and perhaps a vitamin supplement for good nutritional health. At six months of age we recommend spaying or neutering your pet. For our clients with puppies, we also strongly recommend starting medicines to prevent heartworm.

Vaccines are also very important. Westchester County, New York, has its fair share of rabies and other infectious diseases that can easily be prevented by routine vaccinations. However, Millwood Animal Hospital believes that it is very important to take a balanced approach to vaccinating kittens and puppies. We spread vaccine visits throughout your pet’s first year to ensure his or her immune system adequately responds and recovers from each pet vaccine challenge.

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